The Purpose

The reason on why i decided to choose for my marathon for my project is because i already had done things that had leaned towards the group of fitness so i figured i'd delve even deeper into the subject of fitness. 

Training Times

History of project

I decided to do this project because of an already rooted idea of fitness and the implications and value gained to me if i did do this. Another reason i decided to do the project because in the heat of the moment i was motivated and convinced to do the marathon by a friend who unfortunately never ran with me during it because he doesn't like running in the cold. He was the thing that pushed me over the edge.

Accomplished actions

the project, in my opinion, was a resounding success due to the service that it gave to me as well as the lessen that it forced me to learn. lessons that are important and prudent in today's life. to see that it was not only something that i had worked toward but also something that made me learn about the more enhanced themes of life and how they will effect my life in all ways.


After making this project and completing it, it was a success in the completion of it but the actual transition into the presenting section of the project was a quite tumultuous transition mostly due to my trait of being of  a horrible procrastinator. leaving the majority of the project to the very last moment and due to this i was ALMOST unable to make the physical piece of evidence that was necessary for the project. The project showed me that while procrastination is a very alluring thing, and is very hard to resist, you should try to limit it. procrastination will not only ruin your life, but also limit your potential. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, that was the most important thing i learned. this had the biggest implication on my life because it wasn't by some other person who was preaching very sententiously, no it was by myself and i really believed it.

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