Life of:Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglass was born into slavery and was razed by his grandmother, Betsy Bailey around 1818.

Douglass escaped at age 20 and went on to become a world-renowned anti-slavery activist.  During his escape from slavery at age twenty, he adopted the name of the hero of Sir Walter Scott’s The Lady of the Lake.

 Douglass’s work as a reformer ranged from his abolitionist work in the early 1840's to his attacks on Jim Crow and lynching in the 1890's. For 16 years he edited an influential black newspaper and achieved international fame as an inspiring and persuasive speaker and writer.

 In thousands of speeches and editorials, he levied a powerful indictment against slavery and racism, provided an indomitable voice of hope for his people, embraced antislavery politics and preached his own brand of American ideals.

Wife And Children 

Anna Murray-Douglass was his first wife and she helped him escape slavery. They had four children—Rosetta, Lewis Henry, Charles Remond, and Frederick Douglass Jr. In August, 1882, Anne Murray Douglass died.

Helen Pitts Douglass was his second wife and they had no children. She also supported women's rights.


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Frederick Douglass

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