About me 

Hello my name is Abel Ramirez I am 13 years old I was born in October 16, 2002 I am a Hispanic and I live with my parents I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers 3 of my sisters are married my older brother is also married and I am a uncle for 11 kids it was supposed to be 12 but my little niece died at a young age 

What I love to do 

  1. Sleeping 
  2. texting 
  3. eating 
  4. playing with fire 

my Family 

This is my Family with out them I wouldn't be here 

Lets talk about my older brother 

This man has went threw growing up a lot he has went to jail and hasn't been in my life tell I was 12 he ran away from home at a young age and he was in prison he became leader of a gang and he buff so you don't want to mess with him 

My middle brother 

Same thing with him but if you look at him now he is buff as well he also ran away from home but he came back after a month and he teaches me how to fight And he came to NMS 

My sisters 

I love them to death this is an old picture not every one is their but 2 of them are married but if you ask why I act like a girl ask them 

My parents 

I don't what I would do without them but I'm glade they are in my life. My mom and dad went threw a lot as kids they did the same thing like my brothers they ran away from home  

Theme Song 

I chose this song because what my family went threw I don't want that happening to me even though I ran away from home 

Other theme song 

Every one deserves a second chance 

Thank you 

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