Job Shadowing A Chiropractor

By: DeMario Levi

When I Job Shadowed

I Job Shadowed a chiropractor on march 17 2016.

The name of the business was Waiters Chiropractic, Which was located in Chicago Heights. The owners name was Itasca Waiters.

Typical Work Day

I would arrive at work at 8am then i would prepare the office. Then see the patients, interact with the patients to get them comfortable. Then perform what i need to on them and lastly do paper work and billing at the end of the day

Bachealors Degree

Undergraduate degree



Chiropractic degree


Chiropractic license

What i learned

Must be Very accurate

Find Misalignments

My Day


Organizing- Keeping the paperwork in order.

Planning- -Plan which days you will be able to see the patient.

Making Decisions- -Choose what you need to perform on the patient.

Analyzing Patients- -See Whats wrong with the patient.

Technology- -Being able to use the x ray machine

Communication Skills- -Because you have to be able to interact with the patient to see how they are feeling and to make them feel comfortable.

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job shadowing

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