Rawk Fit

Tailor-made, Macronutrition based fitness food

There is a problem in Shanghai

It is hard to combine a 

busy AND fit lifestyle

Fitness is at least 50% nutrition and it takes time 

to cook food that matches your goals

No winning solution yet

Until now, the market has focused on 

providing Fast & Tasty (junk) food

But fitness awareness is growing in China for 2 reasons : rise of average income and boom of social media

More and more people now want Fast, Tasty & Fit food

They've cracked a solution

Fitness based food delivery service



Individual dietary needs

RMB150 - RMB300

DEMO : 30 seconds on WeChat

People Love It





This is their target

Profile customer

30-40 years old

>30 000 ¥ per month

    • High-end gym members
    • Deloitte Partnership

This is their ecosystem

A successful business model

Low fixed costs and high price positioning 

Already profitable

Turnover: X6 in 6 months

Huge potential: up to 300k customers in Shanghai 

A solid distribution

No promotion, word-of-mouth and gym trainers advice

Wechat does the rest (acquisition funnel)

600 clients and 100 meals a day 

The Team 


Deeper than everyone else in Fitness Education

First tailor-made service in Shanghai

Good time to market

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