Judo In Korea

The sport Judo originated in Japan in 1822, and since 1822 the sport has changed majorly. Judo went to Korea a few years after it originated.

Rules and Major penalty's 

In judo there are major penalties  and major rules. In judo Before you step on the mat you MUST bow to your opponent. The bow is meant to show your respect to your opponent. 

In judo if you violate a minor rule a  shido is given as a warning. If a major rule is broken then a hansoku is given and you would be automatically disqualified.

Scoring,equipment, and players

In judo 1 player is involved in this sport. In judo your on a team but only one person is on the mat fighting at one time. The only equipment that is provided in judo are there uniforms. 

In judo to get an ippon( a full point) you must knock your opponent to the floor and hold them there for 3-10 seconds.

field dimension,leagues, and length of the game 

In judo the field dimension is more like a mat dimension. The minimum mat size is 14 meters by 14 meters. The maximum mat size is 16 meters by 16 meters. the length of the game  depends on your age. Adults fight for 5 minutes and juniors fight for 2 to 3.5 minutes.

In judo there are Professional leagues witch are on TV. Also  there are armature leagues witch consist of little kids.  


There are several tactics in judo. 1 is use your flexibility to dodge being hit. Also you should lift weights to be stronger and be able to knock your opponent down. Also you should be comparative and technical



"Judo Info – Official Information About Judo Sport Since 1995." Judo Info – Official Information About Judo Sport Since 1995. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Apr. 2016.


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Judo on Korea By: Mackenzie Lane

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