Beach Volleyball

The length of a beach volleyball game is best 2 out of 3 games.

There are 2 teams with 2 players playing the game at one time and there are no subs.

The scoring of a beach volleyball game is best 2 out of 3 games.  The first 2 games go to 21 with a 2 point cap and the 3rd game goes to 15 with a 2 point cap.

The general rules of beach volleyball are a side change occurs in the first 2 games when the first team reaches 7 and in the third game is occurs at every 5 point interval. You also cant hit the ball more than once in a row.

The field dimensions of a beach volleyball court are 16 meters by 8 meters. 

The basic strategy of the game is to get the ball over the net and have the ball hit the ground before the other team can get it so that you get points.

The equipment used in beach volleyball is a ball, knee pads, net, shoes, sun protection, and sun glasses.

You must execute the serve and the ball can not hit the ground on your side or it will be a point for the other team.

Beach volleyball is in the Olympics, it is a professional sport, it is a collegiate sport, and an international competition sport. 

The number of players playing the sport has changed along with the number of players playing at once. It went from just a fun thing to do to a competitive sport for people to play.

Beach volleyball originated in Hawaii in 1915 and moved across the world through American soldiers during World War 1.

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