Ice hockey.

Ice hockey originate in the mid - 1800s in the eastern of Canada. James G. Creighton, from Nova Scotia.  

How the sport played.

General rules of the sport.

They took the Halifax-rules" to Montreal in the 1870s where they eventually where altered.

The hockey rules where altered to the McGill  rules  and confined in a arena. You need a puck and hockey stick.

How many players are involved in the game. 

How long there in the game.

There are 20 people on a hockey team there are 12 forwards 6 defenders and 2 goaltenders. 

There is 3 periods in a game.

What is the length of a hockey arena. 

The arena of a hockey arena is. (61 m) (28 ft)

How does scoring occurred. 

The dimensions is of the field. 

A player shoot in scores in the net.

1.24 acres  

The basic strategy of the game.

What are the major penalties of the game.

1 cycling the puck 

2 gaining the area

3 back checking

4 clearing the puck.  

a major penalties is when a referee shows a signal to show how bad it is.

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