10/18/16  ENG 10 HONORS

1. Attendance

2. Lock Out/Lock Down/ Hold-in-Place: FYIs

3. What is Literary Analysis?

**Craft your argument

4. Write your draft (body paragraphs especially) for tomorrow's class.

HW: Bring first draft of Literary Theory Paper tomorrow.  Meet in Computer Lab!

Literary Analysis

What does it mean to write a Literary Analysis?

How does one seek deeper meaning?

One needs insight and complexity!

What do these mean?

How do they help a writer to craft a high-quality Literary Analysis?

Insight can be defined as the ability to understand something intuitively, using small observations.

Complexity can be defined as considering multiple social forces (via your lens) at work in the text that reflect the human experience/ abstract concepts of the novel.

TedEd: Mining Literature for Deeper Meaning (Amy Harter) 

Review Assignment Sheet.

What do you know about crafting an argument (in writing)?


1. Generate your argument.  Please ask questions today, if needed.

2. Construct your first draft.  (Your draft may only be your BODY paragraphs; the introduction and conclusion can be added later/ tomorrow if needed.)


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10/18/16 ENG 10H

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