country - Scotland

sport- curling 

Written By : Thalia Quinones

How is this sport played? It is played by players sliding stones on a sheet of ice towards a target which is into four circles.The rules are it is played by 2 teams of 4 people it is played in 8 ends in each end 16 stones are thrown one team can score in end the team with the closest stone to the center the team scores one point.

The person who created Curling was Pieter Bruegel he created it in  1530 he started it in Scotland and that is how the game got started.

The amount of people who played at a time were 8 people playing at a time playing it is like bowling but with a stone and you are trying to get in a target on ice. 

What is the length of a game? The length of a game is  73 minutes per team.

How do you keep score in this sport? Each member of the team will throw two stones per end, and each of those stones is played one at a time, not back-to-back. The other players will help direct the stone toward the house. Players will determine their order of rotation before the game and follow that rotation throughout . 

Field dimensions of curling. Curling has a rich history with many traditions that continue to this day. Though the origins of curling are unclear, most people regard Scotland as curling’s birthplace. Today, curling is played around the world, largely thanks to its introduction into the Olympics in 1988.

The basic strategies to this sport. In the early ends play conservatively then play aggressively in the middle and late ends you may think the opponent will tire faster than you.

The major penalties in this sport. If a player throws out of turn, his rock is stopped and returned to them. If a rock is played from the wrong hack it is taken off the ice. Any team that does not have three players is disqualified. If during a match a player becomes ill or is injured, then the lead will play four rocks.

The leagues that exist for this sport. They have youth leagues and professional leagues  like Canada , Europe,Alaska. They also have men and women leagues.

The type of equipment used in this sport. They use  special shoes that have a certain type of grip that slides on the ice well, they have to types of brushes a brush or a push broom or there is a straw broom they use in Canada, the stone is made rare each stone is polished and weighs  19.1kg 

Has the sport changed since it was first made. curling has changed the stones have got much more heavier . The brooms have changed the used to use house broom now they use a special broom. they used to just play with normal shoes and now they play with special shoes that glide on the ice. they used to play out side now they play inside.

Curling Images and map 


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