Digital Hub 2.0

That's So Digital


Why That's So Digital?

It's a fresh, post-modern name that appeals to millennials. 



Color Scheme

Blue: Just as banks use blue because it's

often associated with trust and authority

we want those qualities associated with our brand. 

Orange: Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Similar to gold orange represents prestige that we want associated with our brand 


You can be anywhere,

in no time. 

Why this tagline?

The digital world is constantly evolving - Social media has the power to connect people practically anywhere and at any time. That's So Digital wants to show clients how to harvest those possibilities. 


Competitive Analysis

Wordpress Website

Behind the Scenes


Analytics Continued 

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Digital Hub 2.0

by marandamontgomery


Public - 4/21/16, 12:45 AM