1. Cyberactivism
  2. Women's Role
  3. Start of the movement
  4. Tunisia
  5. Egypt
  6. Syria
  7. Bahrain
  8. Libya

Cyberactivism is the process of using Internet-based socializing and communication techniques to create, operate and manage activism of any type.

 Women activists of the Arab Spring have come from all social classes, since it has been a mass movement.


The Arab Spring has proven an epochal period of activism and change for women.

The start of the Arab Spring revolution

26 year old Mohamed Bouazizi, set himself on fire in protest at the humiliation and harassment he suffered at the hands of police as he tended to his stand.


 In Tunisia, bloggers like 27-year-old Lina Ben Mehnni played a critical role in breaking the mainstream media blackout on the protests that erupted around the country in the wake of the self-immolation by a fruit vendor

From the highly-educated Tunisian female elite of doctors, barristers and university professors to the huge numbers of unemployed female graduates, women were key players in the uprising that launched the Arab spring.


 Asmaa's vlog, which called on Egyptians to turn out massively on January 25th in Tahrir Square went viral, playing a significant role in the success of the event

Women were involved in arranging food deliveries, blankets, the stage and medical help.


Syrian women have staged all-female marches to demand democracy and changes in regime policy.

A peaceful protest at the ministry of the interior by the families of political prisoners in Damascus ended in the arrests and beatings of many, including women and children


Zainab became a figurehead when she went on hunger strike in protest at the beating and arrest of her father, husband and brother-in-law.

Women were among the first wave that descended on Pearl Square in the capital to protest against the regime


In Libya, women’s protests proved central to the movement of entire cities out of the control of Col. Muammar Gaddafi, as with Dirna in the western part of the country.

Women who were in favor of Col. Muammar Gaddafi, where trained to fightagainst the rebels.

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Women in the Arab Spring

by salmanour69


Public - 11/30/16, 3:03 PM