What is short-term media?

  • Media as we know it is a form of communication, in other words, the transmission of information. 
  • It plays a huge role in our society and also comes in many forms. 

What is short-term media?

There are couple factors that classify information as short-term media

  1. It's not guaranteed to be broadcasted
  2. Has a moral/motif behind it
  3. May rise or fall abruptly based on the people's responses

What Do These Images Have in Common ?

The symbolic savior to all Refugees 

  • Alan Kurdi, better known as the "Syrian boy who drowned" left a poignant message behind.
  • Photograph was taken by the Turkish journalist, Nilufer Dimer.

 "I thought the only thing for me to do was to take their photographs to make sure Turkey and the world sees this"

The Actions that proceeded

Pray for Paris V.s Pray for Nobody

  • Pray for Paris is a movement that sprung rapidly. 
  • On November 13th, 2015 several terror attacks took place in many areas of France.
  • Within minutes, support from others was present on media.  
  • Sadly this is not the case for every victimized country. 

  • The symbol was shared 70 million times on Instagram .
  • People came up with the #Prayforparis 

  • Although terrorist attacks are very regular in Third world countries they tend to receive zero attention. 

  • The discrimination is very present when the unfairness of those equally impacted is exposed due to the lack of interest shown by media. 
  • Media’s reliability to inform the public was insufficient.

  • Therefore Support from the people who "Prayed for Paris" wasn't constant.

Free the Nipple

  • Contrary to the other two topics Free the nipple qualifies. 
  • " Free the nipple" is a movement that was created by Lina Esco
  • Media, in this case, acted as a buttress to promote, but a barrier as well. 

  •  women used media to get their message through
  • Same time, harmed by the censorship rules. 

A sneak peak 

What This Means in Media?

People are disputing whether censorship should be allowed. 

  • Others defend the cause to liberate the areola (nipple) on TV, magazines, social media ect.  

Supporters, Media Censorship, and Unresolved Issues

Supporters, Media Censorship, and Unresolved Issues

  • Matt Mcgorry, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Cara delevingne are no more than a handful of the pro-activist concerned.
  • Many others express their support on media as well, but are held back by censorship.
  • Censorship remains an ongoing battle 

How does all of this tie back? 

  • Picking three different topics helped me determine media's importance and its impact on our world. 

  • The advantages and disadvantages of media
    • raises awareness
    • disregard others

Thank you for your attention,

Hope you enjoyed.


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Media Mass Manipulation

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