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Writer named "one of the best" by the best (NY Times, NBC, CBS)...With Digital whitepaper experience

My whitepaper that Google used as a reference. I also created a cross-channel campaign to promote it (see some of my work below) and hand-delivered it at SMX to industry influencers like Danny Sullivan

I also specialize in Content Distribution: I secured press coverage to reach target audiences

Bonus: reach global decision-makers through me. I have collaborated on editorial projects with Digital Advertising leaders (Google, Adobe, Twitter, Facebook) at home in California and in EMEA several times

Discover my content about digital in the USA as well as MENA and Europe

at and Tell me about your whitepaper:

My October reports for MENA's best print and online outlets

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Elias Jabbe Digital whitepaper

by elias213


Public - 10/7/16, 11:58 PM