By: Savannah Lamica

Sport: Equestrian

The sport started in Paris in the year 1900.A bell is used to communicate with the ride.

Some rules of the sport are a bell is used and the rider has to make it over the fences or they are out. Only one player is involved at a time.the sport takes 3.5 miles long

The judges have to determine whether or not the rider is out and how good the rider is.The field dimensions are 2 to 15 acres. 

The basics of the sport are prepping the horse for riding and cleaning them and all sorts of stuff.Some of the rulers are the mouth guard

 or moth piece has to be attached. 

Some more rules are the harness that holds the horses neck has to be attached right or it will fall off.

Some equipment that is used in the sport is a saddle, a harness , gate,safety cup,and so much more.

Some languages that are used in the sport are English,French,and Spanish.   

The sport changed by a lot because before 1900 the only let officers ride or do it.The size of the field over the years has not changed.Also the equipment has changed it got a lot bigger.Also the rules has not changed.

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