The story of my life!

By:Yesenia ruiz

Who am I?

Name: Yesenia Ruiz Sanchez

Birthday: November 25 2003


How I describe myself....

I describe myself as a nice person, and a shy person.

some things I enjoy:

My family, Because the are fun.

Being with my friends at school, Because we talk,laugh and have fun.

 school: That they show us new stuff.

My community: Because

it is a good neighborhood.

Our state:  Because there is a lot of things to enjoy there is polices and firefighters,who rescue people.

Our country: Because there is a lot people to know and how everything works out in the country.

Our world: Because you can become whoever you want, and you can explore new places.


Important things that have happened to me in my life.

This is an important thing to me because without  having a surgery I would of  been dead by now. :(

My family is important because.....

My family is important to me because they are part of my blood, they accept me for who I am, They love me more than any other people, just like I love them.

My friends are important because.....

My friends are important to me because that way your not lonely, also they are always there to help you and they will not let you down.

My education is important to me because it will lead me and help me a lot in the future.

Food is important to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food is important to me because it helps me not to be hungry(starving)and it helps me grow.

What will I do in the 8th grade?

What I will do in the 8th grade is I will try harder, and listen more to the teacher and not play around while the teacher is teaching.

Thanks for watching!!!!!

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The story of my life.

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