Little Mix 'Hair' Music Video Analysis


This song is about a break-up between Leigh-Anne and her fictional boyfriend. People who have been in serious relationships that haven't ended well or have been through break-ups may be able to relate to the lyrics of the song. The use of the word ‘dick’ is a harsh word that is emphasising what Leigh-Anne though about her ex, however the fact that this word was chosen rather than something less harsh illustrates their opinion about him and maybe how he treated her in the relationship. Andrew Goodwin states that in music videos there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals; this is adhered to in the ‘Hair’ video as the lyrics of the song include ‘gotta get him out my hair’ and in terms of the visuals, the girls are using hair accessories (straighteners, hairdryers) and always flicking their hair about allowing the audience to fully understand what the song is about. By the use of the pronoun ‘he’ suggests it is about a man that one of these girls may have dated (Zayn Malik), however it could just be a general opinion what the girls think boys can be/are like.

The phrase

‘Gotta get him out my hair’ is repeated a lot throughout the whole song emphasising that this is the main focus of the song:

Gotta get him out my hair [4x]

'Cause he was just a dick and I knew it

Got me going mad sitting in this chair

Like I don't care

Gotta get him out my hair

I tried everything but it's useless

He pushed me so far. Now I'm on the edge

Make him disappear

Go get him out my hair


The music of the video ‘Hair’ is of a fast pace and is upbeat conforming to the norm of pop music videos in the music industry which may make people want to listen to the song. This is a song that you can dance to because it is so upbeat. Little Mix’s songs Hair, Black Magic, Move, Wings etc are upbeat songs whereas the songs Secret Love Song and Love Me Like You are slower paced.

Cinematography and Editing

Within the ‘Hair’ video, a variety of shots are used including mid, long, wide, close-up etc. The girls are each shown by a close up about 2 times in the whole video; this conforms to Andrew Goodwin’s theory that there is a demand on the part of the record company for lots of close-ups of the main artist/vocalist.

In terms of editing, it is at a medium pace and matches the beat of the music which is the aim of music videos. Also continuity editing is used throughout so that it flows well and keeps the audience entertained and interested.

Genre/Mise en-scene/Theme

All the members in Little Mix are able to sing well so the main focus isn't on their sex appeal, however they do wear quite revealing costumes. The main costumes that Little Mix are wearing are skimpy lace pyjamas which are slightly revealing linking to a norm of the costumes worn in pop music videos which may appeal to or influence their male target audience; however the types of costumes that the girls wear may appeal more to the younger generation.

Perrie – Topshop Embellished Crop Top, Pink Paw Slippers and Pink Shorts

Jade – H&M Floral Bra, Celeb Boutique Sleep Baby Pink Satin Nightshirt and Celeb Boutique Baby Pink Cami Shorties Set

Jessie – Free People Galloon Lace Bra and River Island Lace Insert Cami

Leigh-Anne – River Island Light Blue Silky Pajama Shirt, River Island Light Blue Silky Pajama Bottoms and Topshop Geo Lace Racerback Bra

Genre/Mise en-scene/Theme


The make-up that they are wearing is natural and not over the top, subverting the make-up that is usually worn by females in pop music videos; it may appeal to their target audience of young teenagers and this video all takes place in one location – a big house. The props used in this video such as hair straighteners, brushes, hair dryers all link to the title of the song ‘Hair’.

Genre/Mise en-scene/Theme (Continued)

Within pop music videos there tends to be some sort of movement and dance choreography which this video adheres to; the movement is quite simple and spontaneous and although hey haven't got a specific dance that they do, all their movement is in time with one another – this is common of girl groups. Also this will make the video more interesting and enjoyable to watch.

The theme of this video is friendship and helping their friend to get over her break up this is emphasised by the lyrics "I call my girl cause I got a problem/Only a curl is gonna solve it.”


The narrative of this video is helping their friend get over a break-up by having a girly sleepover; it goes against the fact that the narratives of music videos are disconnected as the concept of this video is clear due to the visuals. However some parts may be added for effect such as sitting and dancing in front of the mirror. It is clear that it is a sleepover due to the pizza, dressing up and constantly having fun as this is what usually happens at sleepovers and the close ups and lip syncing are the main performance of the video as well.

Star Image/Brand

The selling point of this video is of the sleepover idea as it will appeal to their audience of a younger age and the revealing costumes may make their male audience more attracted to them and also the connection to young people.


The look of the ‘Hair’ video is different to the normal pop video which may appeal to a young audience and this involves split screens which isn’t always used allowing the audience to get all of the girls reaction to what is happening in the video. Because of the costumes that they are wearing, their cleavage is showing which is a common trait of female artists in pop music video of this generation.


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Little Mix 'Hair' Music Video Analysis

by westham4me


Public - 9/13/16, 6:01 PM