Florida Standards

FEAP A. 1: Instructional Design and Lesson Planning

FEAP A. 1.f Develops learning experiences that require students to demonstrate a variety of applicable skills and competencies.

Learning Objectives:

You will know the 5 key elements of cooperative learning and the 9 steps of the cooperative learning model.

You will understand that cooperative learning is the instructional practice of placing students into small groups and having them work together toward a common goal. Each group member learns new material and helps other group members learn important information.

You will be able to identify 3 benefits of the model, share personal experiences of cooperative learning, and work in a group to develop a lesson using the Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Strategy.

What is Cooperative Learning?

Teacher Helping Teacher

5 Key Elements of Cooperative Learning

1. Positive Interdependence

2. Face to face interaction

3. Individual Accountability

4. Interpersonal and small group skills

5. Group processing

Watch the following video that describes a prep school that utilizes cooperative learning.


 Answer the following questions and post them to the discussion board. Provide feedback to at least 2 students. 

 1. What are three benefits of cooperative learning?

2. Think of your favorite teacher in elementary school and describe how they used cooperative learning.

3. Describe a favorite lesson in high school that involved cooperative learning. 

Planning Steps

1. Develop clear instructional goals.

2. Consider and plan the size and composition of groups.

3. Make certain the cooperative activity has all five of the key elements of cooperative learning.

Implementation Steps

1. Explain the task.

2. Identify the social skills that are critical for the task so that the group will be successful.

3. Monitor and provide feedback to individual groups as they are working.

4. Ask each group to summarize.

5. Evaluate.

6. Assess group process.

Read the following 3 articles 

Jigsaw Model

Cooperative Learning Activity

Class is Divided into 2 Groups:

Group #1: Bernadette, Kiana, Amy

Group #2: David, Danielle, Edson, Jalesa

Communicating via email, phone, or in person, each group will complete the following tasks:

Identify one grade, subject area, standard, and objective.

Describe a lesson using the Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Strategy (based on the three articles and Jigsaw Model video).

Each group member will provide one positive and one negative aspect of the group process.

Submit as word document in the discussion board by the posted due date.

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Cooperative Learning

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