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Water polo was  originally developed in the mid-nineteenth century.

step 1 The players can only use one hand to hold the ball

step 1step 2. There can only be six players and one goalie

step 3. The object of water polo is to score the opposite teams goal like in soccer 

step 4. The goalie can use to hands only when the goalie is 5 meters away from his goal 

step 5 players advanced the ball by passing the ball to the team mates or swimming with the ball in front of them 

step 6.there are personal  fouls like in basket ball 

step 7 there is man advantages like in hockey 

step 8 like in basket ball teams have a shot clocks 

that  vary by age groups


each team must have seven players six players and one  goalie 

The length of the field or pool for men is 30m and for women it is 25m 

The depth should be 1.8 minutes.


There are two types of fouls there are ordinary fouls and major fouls.

The ball wieghs about 400g and 450g.

The leagues is about ten years to bring the exciting  sport of water polo to the area

Water polo didn't change much since its originated.

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