The sport Triathlon was invented in 1904.

The sport Triathlon is played by seeing how far you run, bike, or swim. Individual players play at once.

The amount of players in a Triathlon race depends on how many they can fit in a race.

The length depends on the race and amount of players.

Scoring in a Triathlon occurs by having the fastest time and finishing the race first.

There is no field dimensions in a Triathlon race, because the length of races differ.

The basic strategy of a Triathlon is to get the fastest time.

Some penalties are tripping another player when running or running before the horn goes off and getting a head start.

Some types of equipment are bikes, running shoes, and swim gear.

 A type of league for Triathlon is the Summer Olympics.

The sport has changed from the beginning because the races have gotten bigger and people change the location every year.

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