Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball was created in Hawaii in the year 1915 as a way to have fun. it then moved to China not to long after also as a way to have fun.

There are some basic rules that you should know when playing beach volleyball some of those rules are that there must be 2 teams with 2 players on each team. Beach volleyball is played on sand rather than on a hard court. There is no time limit to beach volleyball the first team that wins two sets is the winner. A set is won by the team who gets 21 points first.You can get points in beach volleyball if the other team fails in serving,fails to return the ball to the opponent or commits any faults. 

The court dimensions for beach volleyBall is 16 by 8 meters.

The basic strategy of beach volleyball is to prevent the ball from touching the ground on your side of the court,and to try and get the ball to touch the ground on the other teams side.

There are many ways to get a foul in beach volleyball. Some of those ways include if you hit the net, if you hit the ball two times in a row,and many more.

The only equipment that you need to play volleyball is a net and a volleyball.

Volleyball has changed a lot since it has first started. It started out as a fun game at the beach and is now a huge sport in the summer Olympics.


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