Water Shortages   By: Grace Robinson

People around the world have water shortages. Water shortages are when people don't have water and if the do its dirty water so it is very hard to drink.   

What are causing Water shortages?

Experts say that water shortages are happening from world population. The population now is about 7 billion and is supposed to get higher. 

What are the most affected places?

The most affected places from water shortages is Africa and Asia.

People are desperate to get water if they live in a water shortage place and need help getting water.

Are we going to do anything about it?

Through out the years people have been setting up meetings and teams to help water shortages.

How can we help more?

We can help more people with the problem because the people with no water have to go searching for it and they have little buckets. We can help to give them bigger buckets and than they can boil it to make it clean and drinkable.


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