Effective Use of Color

LaQuavius Miller

The Importance of Color

The right color scheme can scheme can attract and engage your website visitors while a flashy color scheme can drive them away.

Color Scheme Based on an Image

One of the easiest ways to select a color scheme for your website is to start with an existing image.

If the organization already has a company logo, then use colors from the images to create your color scheme.

If you're unsure about which color to use from the image, then there are tools on the web that'll help you.

For example: Adobe Photoshop

You can use the color picker tool within that application to generate a color scheme for you.

Color Wheel

A color wheel is a circle of colors depicting the

Primary colors

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
Secondary Colors
  • Orange
  • Violet
  • Green
Tertiary Colors
  • yellow-orange
  • red-orange
  • redviolet
  • violet-blue
  • blue-green
  • yellowgreen

A diagram of the Color Wheel

Implementing a Color Scheme

When you're designing a web page with a color scheme, one color is typically dominant. The other colors are configured as accents such as colors for headings, subheadings, list markers, and backgrounds. You will typically use neutral colors. You must ensure that the colors you choose for text and background have good contrast. Often times, selecting the best color scheme for your website will take some trial and error.

Colors and Your Target Audience

Younger audiences, prefer bright and lively colors throughout the website.

Individuals in their late teens and early twenties generally prefer dark background colors with occasional use of bright contrast, music, and dynamic navigation.

For an older target audience, light backgrounds, well-defined images, and large text are appropriate.

Colors and Your Target

Audience Cont.

In order to appeal to everyone, display a neutral white back-ground with splashes of color to add interest and highlight page areas.


  • While color can help you create a compelling web page, keep in mind that not all your visitors will be able to see or distinguish between the colors. Some will use a screen reader and will not experience your colors, so your information must be clearly conveyed even if the colors cannot be viewed.

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Effective Use of Color

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