Math Teacher

Emma Sheets

Job Description

A math teacher is someone who teaches the subject of math to students in order to help grow their knowledge of the subject. 

Appalachian State University

Teaching degree

Standard Course of Study

General Education: 44 hours

  1. 3 hours of first year seminar
  2. 4 hours quantitive literacy
  3. 2 hours wellness literacy
  4. 12 hours liberal studies experience
  5. 9 hours integrative learning experience
  6. 8 hours science inquiry

Teaching degree: 122 

  1.  cirriculum and instruction
  2. family and child studies
  3. human development and phsycological counseling
  4. leadership and educational studies
  5. reading education and special education


$14,416 per year

  • $1,130 (meal plan)
  • $2,392.50 ( dorm)
  • $10,896 (tuition)

Scholarships in General

  1. The Bright Futures: teaching scholarship worth $10,000
  2. Rewarding Young Leaders in Our Community: applicants must have completed and logged at least 10 hours of volunteer service in high school, worth $500-$7,500

Scholarships at University

  1. Chancellor Scholarship: the top ten students in the honors college receive 2 full years of paid tuition
  2. Academic Excellence: the top students after their freshmen year in the university are awarded $4,000-$10,000

Projected Salary

  • The national average in the United States for a high school math teacher is $35,672
  • North Carolina Public Schools Average: 34,080

Where You Can Find A Job? 

Teaching jobs are becoming harder to come by, but are always going to be available. Bigger cities are most likely going to be able to pay more, but you need to be in more developed areas if you want your public school to offer technology that will help you teach. Getting out of North Carolina is most likely your best option when choosing a teaching job. It all depends upon where you are willing to live and what salary you decide you can live off of. 

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