Bad Blood music video analysis


The lyrics for Bad Blood establish the point that Taylor Swift is writing about a relationship, which is frequently used as a main focus point of her songs. However these lyrics are not directed towards a male character or an ex but a friend enemy.


The lyrics came from the relationship between Taylor herself and Katy Perry, a female pop singer. Taylor swift expresses her emotions through the lyrics of the song by singing about, how she once could trust Katy but what she has caused has destroyed what could have been a good relationship. Fans of Taylor swift are able to relate with their role model as they can put themselves in her shoes and understand what is going on.


Bad blood is an example of a high tempo music video which is supported by the fast paced editing of the cuts. Kendrick Lamar raps in the music video for Bad Blood which adds variety to the song and helps the speed of the music to flow.

Genre / Mise en-scene

Most pop videos take the audience on a journey which enables them to feel involved in. The story line of Bad Blood takes the target audience, of which are teens through a conflict which has risen from a known friend of Taylors, Selena Gomez who stars as the bad character, that goes against the mission. With the support from well know actresses and singers it allows fans to come together from different ‘fandoms’ and help market Taylor's song. However it also shows the support Taylor swift has behind her and her as an artist in the music industry.


The use of dark colours and reds insinuates danger, anger or blood, commonly found in action films or in situations of conflict. Props used, show the viewer that she is strong and maturity shown through the teddy getting pinned on the wall by a knife.


There are a number of costume changes throughout the music video. It start opens with Taylor wearing a nude with black detail corset and a black skirt with stocking. This helps build the representation of a promiscuous and sexualising character. The next change is into a white leather bandeau and shorts, which can be seen as revealing and sexualising her character. Taylor is shown in a wide shot lying on a table of which is being scanned, after a slow motion shot of getting kicked out a window and landing on a car.

The next costume represents this new character as strong and confident – the idea of being `knocked down and coming back stronger’. Her white leather outfit juxtaposes against the black ‘mechanic looking’ costume of which she is seen knocking down walls and introducing the audience to her team members. Most of the outfits shown are provoked with wet-look leather which comes across as sexualising to the male audience that like Taylor but also the fitting in with the females by promoting theme of girl power.

Make up

The makeup gives each female in the video a ‘badass’ look. This is significant as the lyrics and music video are about danger and power. It also links with the props used, for example weapons and motorbikes, which are dangerous. The variety of different weapons and vehicles introduced throughout the video are often associated with men like riding the motorbike or the different guns. This music video goes against the usual conventions of a pop music video as it is rather a story based on conflict rather than the performance and dance music video.

Camera work

There are a range of different shots throughout the music video including close ups (parts of her body), tracking shot is used when she shows off her flexibility as she cart wheels off a male ‘villain’. The use of long, shots and low/high angle shots enable her to be seen as a strong character. The shots also fit in with the creativity of the music video making the viewer feel involved and keeping them interested.


Fast paced editing fits the time and beat of the track, making the lip-synching more realistic and professional looking. The use of the split screen shows the viewer what is going on with Taylor at that moment of the scene and how she feels is expressed through Kendrick Lamar rapping on the opposite screen. Prevalence is given mainly to Taylor Swift, showing that she has dominance and importance.


- Hunger games –  training centre – bow and arrow used by  Katniss Everdeen is also seen in the background.

- Matrix- Taylor goes through the window in slow motion and then changes into an outfit from the trinity’s closet.

-Divergent – fighting/boxing scene



There are no dance routines which is normally expected. The lip synching and close up shots are directed towards the audience which enhance this visual response of pleasure. The lip synching and story going on links back to the lyrics of the video, for example; when Selena Gomez, Arsyn goes against her and takes the suitcase then kicking her out the window, the song starts up, `cause now we got bad blood, it used to be mad love’. Taylor is talking about how the relationship used to be and now what it has come to.

Star and Brand image

Taylor Swift is the main character as she is positioned in the centre of the frame and is given prevalence. This suggests importance which is reinforced by her character within the pop music video.

The ‘look’ of the music video and the ‘look’ of the band allow the viewer to determine if they like what they see. Taylor Swift is not the only celebrity within the video, she is joined by a number of other celebrities making it appeal to more than her own audience or fans. This technique used can also be a way in which is seen as a selling point.


The music video conforms to Mulvey’s theory about attracting the male attention. Taylor may be portrayed as a sexual object to the male audience. Throughout the video Taylor swift wears leather and revealing outfits as well as the use of dangerous weapons like guns and knives, presenting Taylor as this ‘bad girl’ which attracts the male audience. Women are often represented as passive and weak character however this music video goes against this as she is seen fighting, boxing, being shown as a strong character.

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