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Samsung Phones still exploding?

Disclaimer if you own the original exploding Galaxy note 7 or the replacement please refund your phone.

What happened?

You may know that a month ago Samsung recalled all there Samsung Note 7s because they exploded. Anyone who brought back the Note 7 got a free replacement Note 7, but now the replacements are exploding too.

Why is it important?

This news is very important because Samsung can no longer be known as a reliable smart phone manufacture due to the fact that both the original and replacement models of their phone are exploding.

More about why its important.

This is also very concerning to consumers because this is a very popular phone and some people might not be aware of the dangers. Already peoples cars have exploded, people have been physically injured and planes will be prematurely landed if you have the note 7 onboard. 

Who this effects and why


This obviously effects consumers because the phone could hurt them,there families and there property.


This effects samsung because not only will people be less likely to buy a samsung product but samsung also has to pay for all the phones being returned.  

My prediction

This is obviously going to be bad for the company. Having to recall one line of phones is terrible, but recalling the second line is going to kill, or at least come close to killing, Samsung. The first recall cost samsung 17 billion dollars and theres no telling how recalling all the models will effect there company.

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