Digitalization of Mobile Gaming

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer mobile game in which people train troops and build clan and attack other player on virtual world. It is one of the top rated mobile game in both android and apple store with 4.5 out 5 ratings given by about 30 million people. It is a strategic game in which people battle with real-world opponents with the help of artificial characters.

Digital Foot Print

Clash of clans is played by millions of people worldwide. Digital foot print in the game is the application using our email and username to sign up. The important feature of the game for the security reason is that when you sign up for the game it uses the location of the player so they game developer knows the location of player where he signed up from. Let’s say I signed up game from Davis, CA. the game developer (super cell) will know I am playing from Davis. They have the million of people username and location stored in their database.

Death of Distance

The creators of Clash of Clans allow the connection of millions of people throughout the world. You can meet people from other country virtually to compete on the game and chat with them without sitting right in front of the face. Players from different corners of the world can join the same clan and chat with each other, participate in friendly challenges and also participate in anti clan wars.

Network Externalities

Clash of clans also features a network effect. The value of this game increases as the number of players increases in the world. This game becomes more popular as many players download this game and new updates are introduced in this game to attract more new players. Essentially, the value of this game to a new player is proportional to the number of the players of this game.


Clash of clan is a game that is really popular nowadays and it can be used as an example to examine the characteristics of digitalization. We went over the 3 out of 10 important characteristics of digitalization which are digital footprint, network externalities and death of distance.

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