Water Shortage Problems

  • Water shortages cause more deaths than all natural disasters put together
  • The amount of people dying a day is very sickening
  • Most people that are at risk are new born baby's 
  • Lack of water filters causes deaths
  • Less water cause deaths, causing people to drink dirty water  
  • As the population grows, water is harder it find clean or dirty

Stopping Water Shortages

  • Leaders from around the world get together to discuss how to stop the water shortages
  • Experts are putting in wells to help the people and putting in water filters
  • Meetings happen every three years 
  • The 7th world water forum was held in 2015
  • Experts goals were to cut the amount of people suffering from lack of clean water was to cut the amount in half
  • Experts missed there goal by 3 million people


  • The U.N. (United Nations) are holding the meetings in France
  • The U.N. is putting out information and is the first organization to start helping the world water shortages


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water shortages

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