Growing Up

Two Older Brothers 

Baby Sister

My Hideaway

Reserved as a Child

Kept Journals


Had Close Relationships with Teachers

My Mind was My Canvas


School Came Early for Me

Freshman on Varsity Volleyball

Hot Shot

School Load

Hit me Pretty Hard

Manage Time

What's an Academic Paper?

First Experience with Club Volleyball

Joined Travel Team as a Freshman

Established Team

Took Even More of My Time


My Downfall

Playing College Volleyball Became an Expectation

Nationals My 15s Year

Dragged Into My Sophomore High School and Club Season

Biggest Baby on the Planet

College Volleyball?

Gave up



Hard to Find Motivation

Basically Gave up in all Aspects

Began to Write Journals Again


They Began to Notice

Abnormal Behaviors

Not Turning Things in

Poor Effort

Junior Year

Hands Down the Worst Year of My Life


Spark is Coming Back

Still Writing Journals

Much More Involved and Understand There is More to Writing Than Stories

Rhetoric Changed My Perspective


To All Who Helped Me Through to Being Successful Once Again


One Chapter is Over 

Time to Write a New One.

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Rhetoric Presentation

by stefanskil1


Public - 5/12/16, 10:33 PM