Wrestling in Iran 

Wrestling in Iran originates from an ancient Persian sport called Varesh-e-Bastani.  The sport is played when two players try to lift or throw the opposing player or touch one of the opponent's body parts to the ground. Two points are awarded for a take down of the opposing player and one point is awarded for escaping when the other player has you pinned on the mat.

Fouls in wrestling occur when you have your opponent in an illegal hold, if you leave the mat during a match, or you grab the opponents clothes. If you get a penalty for any of theses actions the opposing player will be awarded one to two points.The equipment needed for wrestling includes; wrestling shoes, headgear, singlet [tight fitting one piece uniform], and a blood rag if you are competing internationally. Wrestlers from Iran can compete in professional, international, cup games, and amateur leagues as well as the Olympic Games.

All wrestling matches have three periods that each last three minutes. Wrestling mats vary in size depending on the level of wrestling you are competing in. For high school the mat is supposed to be 38 feet on each side. In college wrestling the mat is supposed to be 42 feet on each side. The basic strategy of the game is for a player to pin or throw the opposing player.

Iranian wrestling has changed from its origination. The sport originates from  Varesh-e-Bastani which focused on both physical and mental strength. It included a form of meditation. Modern wrestling focuses only on physical strength.

The word Varesh-e-Bastani translates to mean "ancient sport". 

Iran won their first Olympic gold medal In London 2012 thanks to a wrestler named Hamid Sourian.

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Wrestling in Iran

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