Facebook and its characteristics of digitalization

by Maddie Nicolaisen

Its Monday morning, and you log into Facebook...

The effects of digital footprints

  • That information can be given to other people. 
    • Causes a reduction of privacy
  • It has transformed sectors of the economy
    • Businesses base a huge portion of revenue on advertisements

Also when you log in, you defy distance...

  • By friend requesting people from all over the globe
  • By sending messages or information to another person in another location
  • By logging in anywhere in the world

Effects of the disregard of distance

  • Geographical distance doesn't matter for information to travel
  • It speeds up processes
    • No longer have to wait for the mail
  • We forge friendships or maintain them despite the hurdle of geography

Effects of polydirectionality

  • Our voice is heard by many more people. 
  • Some argue it has reduced intimacy in social relationships 
  • On the other hand, sometimes people feel more comfortable expressing themselves over social media 
  • Digital networks allow many different choices and ways to interact

Effects of timeless time

  • It allows you to have a real time conversation with someone
  • But also allows asynchronous conversations
  • It speeds up communication

  • It also can slow it down
    • People can avoid messages, or take time to respond, in contrast to real time conversations where you must respond immediately

Just by logging into Facebook you have experienced some characteristics of digitalization

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Characteristics of digitalization

by mjnicolaisen


Public - 7/10/16, 9:29 PM