Archery in China

By Trevor Ashline

What time did Archery form?

Chinese Archery was originated in China about 20,000 years ago. To be exact it originated in the year 1146 BC and is still being played today in the 21st century. It was used for "Military" training and then after a while it was used for entertainment and usually takes around an hour until they end the game. 

What are the Major rules?

The sport has some rules like any other sport. Some of the bigger rules in this sport are, six archers would be selected. The six people would be divided into three teams. The first round is showing off your skills, no one can lose. Second round, the host and his guests would join in and the loser would drink wine. The last round, there would be music playing and you would have to shoot the bow to the beat of the music and try not to mess up.

How do you score?

Scoring occurs in this game by using a tool called a bow and arrow and protective gear so you don't get hurt. To score you have to shoot the arrow at a target. If the arrow lands in the white, you get 2 points, If your arrow lands in the black, it's a 4, If it lands in blue it's six, red it's 8, and lastly yellow is either 10 or 15 points according to where it is. The field dimensions they shoot on is 40 by 122 cm. In the Olympics they range to about 18 to 70 meters. 

What are the strategy's  

The strategy of Archery is to calm down and slow your heartbeat down to a lower pulse. You don't want to be jumpy because you would lose a lot of concentration to you target. Another strategy is to have upper body strength because you need to pull back the bow. The last thing you should master is your shooting form. You have to hit the target straight on.    

Major Fouls

Fouls in this sport come easily. One major penalty is when somebody uses the wrong stock for his or her bow. He then gets a 10 OB penalty. A second major penalty that is in Archery is when somebody raises the arrow before the official says to. This would deduct points from the player that committed this penalty or foul.

Major Leagues for Archery

A major league for Archery would be Major league Bow hunting. Major league Bow hunting is the higher version of normal archery and is for highly skilled players. They also have the Olympic games for Archery. It is like the Major league Bow hunting, but more competitive.     

Any Changes?

Over the years Archery has changed dramatically. What has changed was there's not too many wooden bows anymore. Mostly nowadays people use upgraded metal bows and arrows for better accuracy. Another way archery has changed is people actual play it as a sport! Back in the B.C. times, people only used it as hunting and fighting techniques.        

Pictures of Archery:


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Chinese Archery

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