Saturns mass is 5.6846A-1026

Saturns size is 36,184 miles

It takes saturn 10,759 days to orbit the sun

It takes saturn 29.45 years to orbit the sun

the atmosphere of saturn is made up approximately 74% hydrogen and 25% helium ,with trace amounts of other substances like water, ice, amd methane.

Saturn has 62 moons in total 

For example ther is mimas, phoebe, titan, pandora, and methone

I like this planet because its pretty it has rings and its been my favorite planet since a long time last year in science i made a science poster.

I chose saturn as my planet because its my favorite planet and i like it way more than any other planet.

Only 4 spacecrafts sent from earth have visited saturn, and 3 of these were just breif flybys.

The first one was pioneer 11 in 1979 and it flew within 20,000 km of saturn.

The second one was voyager1 in 1980 and then voyager 2 in 1981

1 fun fact about saturn is that it has 4 main groups of rings and 3 fainter, narrow ring groups.

Saturn is the least dense planet in the solar system.

Satern is a flattened ball and round like a basketball

Saturn is the 6 planet in all of the planets

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