"Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere."

-George Washington

                                            What is hemp? 

-Any Cannabis Sativa L.  less than 1% THC.

-A plant which is harvested for its fibre.



What is Hemp used for?

                                       Uses For Hemp:

  1.  Clothing
  2.  Food
  3.  Paper
  4.  Building Supplies
  5.  Plastics
  6.  Fuel
  7.  Chemical Cleanup

                                             (1) Clothing 

-8,000 BC 


- Environmentally Friendly


                                               (2) Food

- Hemp seeds contain essential fatty acids

-25% Protein

-Can be brewed into beer

              (3) Paper

- Renewable and sustainable

- 0,05% of the world paper production

      (4)  Building Supplies

- Hempcrete



              (5) Plastics

- Henry Ford


                     (6) Fuel

- Biofuel

- Untapped Market   


        (7) Chemical Cleanup

- Soil contamination

- Chernobyl

Why is hemp illegal?

                              Hemp Conspiracy Theory

- Jack Herer (The Emperor Wears No Clothes)

-William Hearst & Lammont DuPont were paper manufacturers


-Andrew Mellon(Demonize)

Time when Hemp saved George Bush's life

    "So, when the young pilot George Bush bailed out of his burning airplane after a battle over the Pacific, little did he know:

-Parts of his aircraft engine were lubricated with cannabis hemp seed oil;

-100% of his life-saving parachute webbing was made from U.S. grown cannabis hemp;

-Virtually all the rigging and ropes of the ship that pulled him in were made of cannabis hemp;

-Finally, as young George Bush stood safely on the deck, his shoes’ durable stitching was of cannabis hemp, as it is in all good leather and military shoes to this day."

(Jack Herer, The Emperor Wears No Clothes )

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