Global Goals, Local Lenses:

How we'll tell DFA's global story creatively - By Elias Jabbe

1 of the top CEOs and VCs in my city LA said it best in Dubai:

A global story must be told in a global way. Here's my plan:

Listen (find marketing opportunities by observing relevant conversations in the media and social media in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian)

I have done media monitoring in languages like Arabic for my clients and have secured press coverage in in prestigious outlets like the first newspaper in UAE history (below), Al Ittihad...I can do it again for DFA

As an award-winning veteran global journalist I have the ear—and respect—of journalists at prestigious outlets (CNN, NY Times, etc.) I know in the 3 continents I've lived in. I can leverage my network for PR.

Document the key details about DFA activity in order to tell impactful stories about DFA's vision, team and startups

Use my proven Content Marketing skills to tell DFA's story in e-newsletters and online (blogs/social media)

Publish content that helps DFA founders get press coverage that features mentions of how DFA facilitates their progress (to build a reputation and generate anticipation for the next DFA cycles)

Use my strong editorial skills to find and correct typos/errors

Tell the stories of Innovation Series events through social media, including my specialty (Live Tweeting)

Organize a major Demo Day event and make it a Trending Topic on Twitter as I did in Paris

Capture moments (recording videos and taking photos) for multimedia content that journalists and other stakeholders want to see (for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

Speak about DFA on panels (in French in francophone countries such as Tunisia where this photo is from, in English in California/USA) and find panel opportunities for DFA team including for niches like academic/civic conferences (for Dr. Raford) and Women in Tech (like the new Girls In Tech UAE chapter that my friend launched a few years after I saw Mike Butcher speak at an event my friends and business partners at GIT Paris organized )

Record audio. Like Dr. Raford, I have a background in audio production: this is why I follow the world of podcasts closely.

I have already discovered two podcasts about the startup world earlier this year in both English and Arabic, including one recorded by my friends who have partnered with DFF.

Feel free to get in touch and learn about how, if hired, I can set up podcast interviews reaching target audiences (for HE Al Aleeli and Paul Smith).

I've invested several days in doing research to discover media coverage and event opportunities promoting DFA: by hiring me you'll have access to my PR plan which I can clarify as of Day 1...As well as having my strong work ethic and network which can boost DFA's global visibility

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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Elias Jabbe DFA presentation

by elias213


Public - 10/15/16, 10:38 PM