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The Day 1 assignment:

Spend time at a sports setting and find someone or something that seems out of place. 

If it’s someone, conduct a short interview with that person. If it’s something, find someone whom you can interview about the something. 

Then write 300 words about the someone or something, with quotes. Describe, identify and place the someone or something in the scene. 

Do not include personal pronouns or second-person references in your writing (they can be within quotes). Use a maximum of two “to be” verbs. 

Post this piece as coursework using Module 1 category and the tag “setting.” It is due August 15.

Think about this assignment (<-) and come up your top two choices for sports settings. Write them up in a Dropbox Paper doc and share them with me now. First post gets his her first choice.

For Tuesday:

  • Finish assignment
  • Review syllabus
  • Have a good weekend!

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JRLC 5880 Sports Enterprise Day 1

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