10 May 2016

English I

Bell Work: Please take out your persuasive techniques and advertising techniques notes. Look at the print ad on the right. Identify which techniques the ad uses. Discuss your answers with your group. (two minutes)

Let's Review...

Your Turn...

Watch the following commercials. Complete the chart for each, labeling both the persuasive techniques and advertising techniques used in each.

English I 

30 March 2016

Today's Agenda:

1. Read choice novel independently.

2. Work on pre-writing packet for book trailer project.

3. Choose an expository essay to revise for academic achievement grade.

English I Advocate:

Please take a copy of Blaze the University of Texas at Arlington's mascot as you enter. 

Decorate Blaze with the school colors and designs for colleges you plan to attend.

Be sure to include your name in large letters as well. Cut out Maverick for contest, please.

Finish these tasks before accessing electronic devices:

1. Read entire book for IRU.

2. Completed dessert project that is due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

3. Completed static/dynamic character chart.

8 April 2016

English I

Please find a seat at a computer. Take out your book trailer pre-writing (review and storyboard), and then log in.

Due NOW: 

Revised Expository Essay

Today's Goal:

Finish book trailer.

Email your book trailer to me (hstrawn@csisd.org), and then you are


Book Trailers and pre-writing packet are due at the beginning of class Monday

PLEASE bring your permission slip for the IRU projects by MONDAY:))))

I added a permission slip file to megastrawn.wordpress.com

Audio Resources for Book Trailers

6 April 2016

English I

Today's Agenda:

1. Turn in permission slips to appropriate tray. Those who turn in slips on-time get first dibs of novels available.

2. Complete the Revising Chart for 1st draft of expository essay.

3. Write final draft on lined pages. Turn in before the end of the period.

View the model provided to help you construct your own book review for your choice novel. Remember NOT to give away the ending!

1 March 2016

English I

Please pick up the handouts from the table as you enter (two handouts). You will also need a pen today.

If you have been absent, please make sure you have turned in the Act V activity packet, Romeo and Juliet study questions, and have checked out an independent novel

English I

29 March 2016

Today's Agenda:

1. Read your novel of choice. Finish date is Monday, April 4.

2. Relax your brain. (Keep technology put away, please).

3. Rejoice that you have overcome the STAAR test!

English III:    23 March 2016

Today you will finish your rough draft for the research essay.

Due at the end of class!

English I

During advocate today, use your device to do one or more of the following:

1. access online EOC resources from school website.

2. Access this Smore with practice reminders>>

Objective: Today we will review strategies that will help you be successful on the English I EOC.

Take notes today that you can use to help you on the practice EOC tomorrow. 

Your practice will count as a quiz grade: one actual score, one 100 for giving your best.

The English I EOC test is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29

English I EOC is divided into two sections. Listen to details:

Reading Section of the English I EOC

If you have headphones, access the youtube playlist for The Children's Book Council (young adult) using your device.

Watch trailers for books that interest you (3-4). 

On the scratch paper provided, write down both the title and author of books you would like to read.

In the library or on your device, access the Destiny Quest system to locate the books you would like to read. Check out the book and begin reading.

Watch this trailer as an example:

English I Bell Work: 24 February 2016

"The Tangled Web"

We all have had the experience of telling a “white lie” or practicing a deception that grows more and more complex. Sir Walter Scott wrote, “Oh,what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” What are the results of Juliet and Romeo’s acts of deception in this act? Keep this quote in mind and tell about such an experience in your life. What happened and what did you learn from the experience?

Write for 7 minutes in your journal. Be prepared to share with your shoulder partner.

English I

19 February 2016

If you have not taken the poetry terms quiz or Drama Short-answer PBA, please see me to make it up now.


** Please take out your Romeo and Juliet study questions.

** We will view Act III of the film and answer questions as we go.

I will be asking some of you to make up missing work.

22 February 2016

English I

On the post-it provided, answer this question:

 Can love make us act in ways that are reckless or even unethical?

Discuss with your shoulder partner examples of when others have acted recklessly in the name of love.

Read along in textbook Act IV as we view the film version, page 732.

Look for examples of irony: dramatic irony

verbal irony

situational irony

Summarize the Friar's plans to save Juliet from marrying Paris.

Why does Juliet not entrust the Nurse with her plan to escape from marrying Paris? 

23 February 2016

English I 

For Bell Work:

Please pick up the Act IV activity packet. Complete the first page of the packet concerning IRONY.

Today, we will finish reading Act IV (page 740) of Romeo and Juliet. You will need your study questions, a literature book, and activity packet.

English I : 25 February 2016

Please pick up your journal. Turn to a clean page, draw a line down the center of the page making two columns. 

Label the first column PLAY and the second column FILM.

Sub categories within the column are: characters involved, actions, and deaths.

View the Act V film versions of Romeo and Juliet.

Note the different interpretations of Shakespeare's original.

Then, reread Shakespeare's version (Act V, starting on page 749 of literature book) to complete your compare/contrast chart in your journal.

After re-reading Act V, do the following:

1. Finish and turn in Romeo and Juliet study questions

2. Complete Act IV and Act V activity packets.

3. While working, think about these questions: who is to blame for the tragedy? what is Shakespeare saying about love, about hate, about communication?

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English I

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