Business Model is: Sales - Variable Costs = Contribution Margin

Our Kpis

  • Video Play
  • Active  users
  • Conversion  rate
  • Retention

Pricing plan

Moneziting our  data

we collect our user data using javascript event 

it help us get only relevant data about our user interractions with the content wich is on the platform

We Monetize by  selling those data to production  studios and VOD services

Moneziting our  traffics

With amazon affiliation link  about relevant content on our videos, we can monetize our traffics

White label  service 

We sell  a white label  solution  to  VOD services, TV channel.

They  can collect  relevant data about their content.

Using our solutions branded as theirs.

Like when users "Zap" or "Keep" and at the exact times tamp.


We  monitor on our retention  rate and iterate on the UX/UI  to improve our results


 schéma de valeur 

work in progress

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Public - 5/4/16, 3:47 PM