Sport's origin and year.

My sport is basketball, which is very popular. Basketball originated in Springfield, MA during 1891 by James Naismith. 

General rules and Equipment of Russian basketball.

Number of players involved in Russian basketball at a time during the game.

A professional game of basketball has 5 players playing at a time on each of the two teams going against each other. 

Length of a Russian basketball game.

A basketball game has 4 quarters with each quarter being 12 minutes. So, altogether it is 48 minutes of game play. 

How scoring occurs for Russian basketball.

Scoring occurs differently during a professional basketball game. Also, the ball must completely go through the basket in order to earn a point. A free-throw line is located 15 feet away from the backboard, and is worth one point. The two-point shot is located 23 feet away from the center of the backboard, and is obviously worth two points. The three-point shot is worth three points. Any shot out or on the three-point line, will still get three points. 

Field dimensions of play for Russian basketball.

Basic strategies/tactics for Russian basketball.

Major penalties/fouls of Russian basketball.

There are quite a few penalties/fouls in professional basketball, but there are two major ones. First one is that the player should not wear a different jersey, or a wrong numbered jersey. The second one is that the player must not grasp, strike, or slap the basket, so it would not break and fall, and injure you and the other player.

Types of existing leagues for Russian basketball.

Russia has different types of existing leagues for their basketball. PBL which is short for professional basketball league, is the current team for Russian basketball. The previous basketball league was Russian Super League 2 and then Russian Super League 1. They had their first Russia Cup in the year of 2000.

Changing of basketball from its origination. 

Basketball has changed a lot through out the years. Before, basketball would accept up to 50 players, but now basketball accepts only 5 per each team. They also played basketball with 18 inch boxes but now we actually have nets. Their backboards was not plastic or glass. In fact, they had wire-mesh backboard meaning chain-like. But the most important was the ball. Their ball was like the football but in a sphere. Now we actually have real NBA basketballs.

Professional Basketball League 


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