Timeless Time

Text messaging displays the characteristic timeless time by using asynchronous communication. Generally,  as texting is not used in cases of emergencies, it is almost irrelevant as to whether or not responses are real-time as a long window of response is informally expected.

Death of Distance

Another characteristic of text messaging is the death of distance. So long as a signal is readily available, messages are sent and received within a matter of seconds anywhere and at anytime, overcoming the problem of communicating over long distances.


Additionally, one of the characteristics of texting is poly-directionality. Group messaging allows multiple forms of communication, including one-to-many, one-to-one, many-to-one, and many-to-many.

Effects of the Characteristics

All three of these characteristics have the effect of transaction cost reduction:

  • Timeless time: The convenience of responding at one's own leisure allows for more important work to be prioritized
  • Death of Distance: Resources wasted through intermediate actions, such as driving to deliver messages or buying postage, is minimized
  • Poly-directionality: Similarly, less resources are wasted as completing the same intermediate actions multiple times is automated
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