The story of my life 

By: Brianda Reyes 

My life :

My name is Brianda Reyes Guerrero.

I was born on 08/26/03.

My race is Hispanic because of my dad but i was born in Edinburg TX.

My gender is obviously a female duh.

my age is 12 but I am about to be 13 in 3 months.

HowI describe myself in a couple words:

I describe my self as a very energetic  person that is down for everything. i also like to make people smile and put a smile on there faces. I am also a true Justin Bieber fan because he inspires me to change the world when needed.

Something important that has happened in my life:

Something import in my life was when my house burned down. My house burning down is important to me because it helped me understand to value things in life because you may never know when it can get taken away from you. It all started this summer at midnight when all i heard was my family screaming to leave the house and for us to get out as quick as we could. we  unfortunately lost every single thing we had.

What do you love?

I love to dance my heart out when i dance especially on stage. I love dancing because it brings ,me back up and motivates me to stay strong at all times. People have tried to brig me down but i never stop.

Who inspires you in life?

somebody who really inspires me  Justin Bieber because of how he changed for the world to see that he isn't a bad person and that everybody goes through rough times but can make it through.

What will I do?

I want to become a doctor to help the world but I've also been dreaming to make a foundation for girls that go through though times dealing with self harm or self trust issues or self image issues. Ive been wanting to build this foundation to make people know especially girls that everyone is beautiful and there is no reason for self harm at all.

How will you be recognized as someone who helped?

 I will make sure i can get recognized as someone who helped the world and someone who was there to help. Will make a difference by teaching teens that self harm isn't ok and that you shouldn't let someone bring you down. I will show i was there by putting a stop to self harm.

What makes you... you?

What makes me Brianda is being funny and charismatic. i love to be me and to have fun. i really want to change the world one step at a time.

My conclusion in life:

I want to help and want to make sure that my name is heard and the word is spread about stoping self harm and starting to help people. I also learned to never give up and to value what you have.

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The story of my life - brianda

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