Venus has 81.5% of the earths mass.

The size of venus is 3,760 miles(6,052 km).Earth and venus are very similar in size with only 638 km diffrence in diameter.

Venus takes 224.7 days  to orbit the sun

Venus takes 224.7 days

Venus is made up of central iron core and a rocky mantle similar to the composition of Earth.

Atmosphere is mainly made up of carbon dioxide (96%) and nitrogen (3%) and other gases

Its temperature is 864 degrees faherenheit  on the surface it is 872 farenheit

Mariner 2 1962 Fly-by mission

Venera 7 1970 First landing on another planet

Mariner 10 1974 First close-up photos

Venera 9 1975 First photos of the surface

Pioneer Venus 1 1978 First radar, UV, and infrared images

Pioneer Venus 2 1978 Probe examines the atmosphere

Magellan 1990 Global radar mapping (through the clouds)

I picked the planet because of its color and temperature.,Venus Facts - Interesting Facts about Planet Venus - Space Facts › venus

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