Plant Cell Presentation  

By: Arelis Cote 

What is a Plant Cell

                               A Plant Cell 

the structure and function unit of a plant. 

Parts of a Plant Cell 

Their are ten organs in a Plant Cell. 

Theirs Nucleus, Ribosomes, Mitochondrion, Chloroplasts, Cell membrane, Cytoplasm, Cell wall, Vacuole, Golgi Body, and the Endoplasmic Reticulum.  All of these organs are play an important part in a Plant Cell. 

Nucleus and its function

A cell structure that contains,nucleic acid the chemical that directs all of cell's activities. 

Ribosomes and its functions

A small grain like structure in the Cytoplasm of a cell were proteins are made.  

Mitochondrion and it's function 

Rod shape cell structures that produce most of the energy needed, to carry out the cell's functions. 

Chloroplast and its  function

These organelles capture energy from sunlight and use it to produce food for the cell. 

Cell Membrane and its functions

The Cell Membrane protects the cell and regulates what substances enter and leave the cell. 

Cytoplasm and its functions 

The regions between the Cell Membrane and the Nucleus, in  organisms without a Nucleus,the region located inside the Cell Membrane. 

Cell Wall and it functions 

In a Plant Cell a stiff wall surrounds the Cell Membrane,giving the cell a rigid boxlike shape. 

Vacuole and its functions 

Most mature Plant Cells have one large Vacuole. This sac within the cytoplasm stores water,food,waste, and other materials. 

Golgi Bodies and its functions

A structure in a cell that receives proteins and other newly  formed materials from the Endoplasmic Reticulum,package them and distributes them to other parts of the cell. 

Ednoplasmic Reticulum and its functions 

This network of passageways  carries materials from one part of the cell to another. 

Plant Cell Respiration  

plant respiration is a chemical reaction by which plant cells stay alive. The process can be represented formula; 

glucose + oxygen + carbon dioxide +   water + energy.  The result  is the release of stored energy for use. 

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Plant Cell presentation

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