Swimming in Serbia.

Competitive swimming became popular in the 19th century. Swim races started near Britain with the breaststroke. The different events of swimming were made in different times.

Different events for swimming have different amounts of players. Relay races usually have four members. The second fastest goes first then the third fastest after that the slowest goes third and the fastest goes last. Most of the different events have different amounts of players. 

Different events in swimming have different equipment. In Water Polo they use a water polo ball, number and colored caps, and goals that either can float our are connected to the side of the pool. For the fifty kilo meter swim they use goggles, diving boards, ropes used for lanes and more. Swimming uses lots of Equipment in the different events.   


Different swimming events are played in different ways. Swim races are played by swimming down the length of the pool and coming back. Other events are played in different ways.

Scoring in different types of swimming events is different. In a swim race you score by having the fastest times. In Synchronized swimming judges score the routine. Scoring in swimming can be different for each events.  

The length of a match can be different. Swimming races last different lengths based on the race length. If a race is fifty meters long then it takes as long as the swimmers get to the finish line.   

The strategy of swimming can very. Serbia uses a one that has the second fastest guy goes first then the third goes second slowest goes third and fastest last. Serbia has lots of Strategy's to use in events. Many different swim groups have different stategy.      

The length of a swimming pool can be different. In the fifty meter swim race the pools are fifty meters long. In a twenty meter swim race the pool is twenty meters. The size of the pools can differ.

Major penalties are different. In swim races the major penalties are leaving before the signal which is a disqualification. You have to treat officials and swimmers fairly. You can not use swear languages in swimming.    

Different types of leagues in Serbia are different skill levels. Serbia has a Olympic swim team, They have men and women pro leagues. The have national leagues.        

Things have changed over the years. A 15 meter rule was added to the rules in 1988. In 1991 the rule that the backstroke flip tern was allowed to be done. Lots of things were changed to swimming. 

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