• Born on October 20, 1891 in Chesire, England
  • Attended Manchester High School
  • After high school he entered into Manchester University in 1908
  • In 1911, he graduated  from the Honours School of Physics
  • He earned his Master of Science degree in 1913 while working on various radioactivity problems under Professor Rutherford in the Physical Laboratory located in Manchester 

Biography Continued

  • After World War I in 1919, Chadwick returned to England and accepted the Wollaston Studentship at Gonville & Caius college and continued working under Rutherford
  • Elected Fellow of Gonville & Caius college from 1921-1935
  • Became Assistant Director of Research in the Cavendish Laboratory in 1923
  • Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1927
  • Died on July 24, 1974

Chadwick's Discovery

  • James Chadwick discovered the existence of neutrons (which he was known for) in 1932
  • A neutron is a subatomic particle of about the same mass as a proton but without an electric charge and is present in all atomic nuclei except these of ordinary hydrogen

Help from Rutherford

  • Rutherford, who discovered the nucleus knew that if there was a proton & electron that there must be a neutral charge
  • Chadwick used this idea and tested it out.. 

How this idea was tested

The Nobel Prize

  • James Chadwick won the Nobel Prize for Physics 1935
  • His experiment proving the existence of the neutron is how he won the award

Other Awards

  • In 1932 he was awarded the Hughes Medal of the Royal Society
  • He was knighted in 1945 which gave him the title "Sir James Chadwick"
  • Received Copley Medal in 1950
  • In 1951, he earned the Franklin Medal of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia 
  • Others believed that the particles passing through the paraffin were Gamma Rays
  • Chadwick proved that they were something else: NEUTRONS
  • Chadwick also found out that neutrons and protons weighed the same

Fun Fact: The show "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron" was named after James Chadwick's nickname (Jimmy Neutron) which was given to him because of his famous discovery. 

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James Chadwick

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