Benefits of sports for kids

Staying in shape

  •  What many people do not realize is that while having fun playing sports, they are also getting exercise.

  • Being physically fit can reduce the chance of a kid- especially a girl- smoking or getting cancer in the future.

  •  If kids don’t do sports and they just lay around, they have no way of losing the calories that can build up into weight.

Improving bone and muscle health

  • Just as muscles grow stronger when physically stressed, bones also respond by getting stronger.

  • other physical activities that improve muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance, and body composition

Improved Academics

  • Several studies have proven that being active and playing sports increase a child's academic performance.

  • Sports help with kids grades in school as well as their self management.

For more information..

For more information on sports and their benefits, go to these websites

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