The Story Of My Life 

About Me 

My name is Kaylor Ayanna Harris 

I am a , African American Female 

my birthday is on October,11,2002

I am 13 years old 

Things That Are Important To Me

I always put my family and friends first because they are very important to me.Without them i wouldn't have no one to talk to they are my life .Also my teachers have got me where i am right now.They all have taught me a lot about not giving up on myself but to  keep trying.

Things That Make Me Happy And Sad

1. I Dont Know My Real Dad 

My mom told me that my real dad left when i was born and that he didn't want to meet me.Its makes me cry to know that my dad didn't want to meet me.Until now he reached out to my mother so he can  meet me.Me and my mom thought it was best for me not to meet him right now.To be honest i'm just scared to face him without cry.I have a lot of questions to ask him.

2.My Sixth Birthday 

My sixth B-Day is something that makes me happy because my family came to celebrate my big day with me.My family dont  get along but they did for my big day.I was so happy there was no drama.I was  enjoying my 

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