Instagram is a social networking service that allows its users to share photos and videos publicly (the world) or privately (with friends).

Instagram's Digital Footprint

Being a photographer and experienced Instagram user, I can say that Instagram has an immense digital footprint.

For example, when I posted some photos of my trip to Los Angeles, I turned on location services and it tagged where I took my pictures. Within moments, people who I have never met before (my profile is public) started liking and commenting on my photos. This is possible because the people liking and commenting on my photos must have found my footprint when I tagged the location of my photo.

Furthermore, about a year ago, I took photos for an "Instagram famous" model. She gave me credit by tagging my username, and slowly I started to see more followers and likes. Additionally, all her fan pages started posting the photos I took of her and tagging me to give credit. My footprint can never be erased now because those photos and my username are forever linked all over the internet.

Instagram's Timeless Timeline

Instagram is a perfect example of a timeless timeline because it incorporates both synchronous and asynchronous values of time.

A synchronous example is if I were to post a photo on my account right now. It would be uploaded in real time and a time stamp would be put on that post. And I can see exactly when people like my photo!!

Another synchronous example is the direct messaging system. It essentially is any messaging system: you can chat with other users in real-time.

Instagram is also asynchronous because users can visit past posts (even your very first post) and like/comment on them.

Instagram's Death of Distance

This is the most obvious aspect about Instagram, and for any social media outlet as well. It is also the one aspect we probably take for granted the most.

When I post something on Instagram, that post can be seen by virtually anyone with access to Instagram and the internet within a matter of what... a second? And if I put location services on it, then people know where I am!

It goes both ways. If I am interested in seeing what people are posting in Iceland, I can search it and it will show me results of people's posts in Iceland! I can even narrow it down to specific map locations like Westfjord!

Application of Instagram: Digitalization

To put what I have explained into my own personal perspective, I will show you the communication power of Instagram:

I will graduate this summer session 1, and I plan to travel. And because I am a street photographer, I have chosen to go to New York City to get some great photographs. A couple weeks ago, I saw an old friend post on Instagram: "In Manhattan for the summer!" It was a picture of her city-like apartment. Had I not seen that post, I would have not known she was in New York for the summer. Because I saw her digital footprint, I have communicated with her through Instagram's messaging system in real time, and we have discussed meeting together when I get there in August! We have already planned where we will go by looking at popular posts associated with NYC, and all without meeting in person, because distance is no issue when it comes to digital communication.

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