Belgium speed skating

Written by Sara Connell

Belgium speed skating was originated in 1924.Speed skating is played just like you are running but you are on skates.In this sport you have to have 12 men and 6 women in order to compete in this sport.The length of the game lasts about 400 meters  per team.This sport is a winter Olympic. 

When you are speed skating they keep track of your score of how many times you go around the track and how fast you go.Speed skating can be very trick the first time that you do it.  

This is a picture of the map that locates where Belgium speed skating is located.

Speed skating is a tense sport to the inner thy.There is also two different types of speed skating.

The Belgium speed skating strategy to playing the game is that you have to be fit and ready to skate against other people as shown in the picture.speed skating can be very tricky at some points such as a beginner will fall down a lot, and a professional wont fall as much because they would know what to do.


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Belgium speed skating by Sara Connell

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Public - 4/11/16, 3:17 PM