The mass of Neptune is 

1.024 x 10^26 kg

While Earth is

5.972 x 10^24 kg

Neptune is 

15,299 Miles

Earth is 

3,959 Miles

It takes Neptune 164.79 

Earth years or 60,190 days to orbit around the sun and

The average speed it 12,253 mph or 19,720 kph

It takes Neptune 16 hours to rotate so a day on Neptune would be 8 hours!

Neptune's atmosphere is composed of 80% of hydrogen,19% heluim, and 1.5 % of methane ---->

The pressure of Neptune is 0.1 bars or 10 kPa (Kilopascal)

One of the hottest tempetures it can get to is -200 degrees celcius.

And the coldest it can get is 

-218 degrees celcius.

Neptune has 13 moons so I am going to name 5 and there size's 1.Triton 2,700km 2.S/2004 N 1is a unconfirmed moon, 18km 3.

Thalassa 41km 4.Neried 170km 5. Proteus 420km

<---- Earth telescope image of neptune

<---- Hubble space image of neptune

I chose Neptune because it seemed to be a interesting planet and I wanted to know more about it and this project helped me a lot.

So far only one space craft named voyager 2 has visited Neptune.

Voyager 2

Voyager 2 has been the only space craft to visit Neptune,
 and visited in 1989 ---> image taken by voyager 2

,and voyager 2 discovered a large dark oval shaped storm on Neptune's southern hemisphere.

<----- Voyager 2 and what it looks like.

FunFact 1:Neptune was mathematical prediction rather than seen through a telescope.

FunFact 2: Is 2.8 billion miles from the sun!


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